Our Philosophy

Our aim is to help every child spread their wings and shine

We aim to do this by –

    • Providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment especially designed and equipped to enrich those all-important first years, where each child can develop their full potential, whilst becoming an independent and active learner
    • Working in close partnership with parents/carers, acknowledging their role as their child’s first educators to enable us to provide each child with the best possible care, play and learning opportunities
    • Providing a curriculum tailored to each child’s individual needs and offering encouragement for each child, supporting their learning and development of skills and interests, building strong foundations for successful learning by:
      • Encouraging each child to be independent and self-disciplined, to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and respect for others and their environment
      • Providing a stimulating range of activities
      • Promoting a ‘can do’ attitude that will stay with a child for life
      • Developing every child’s self-esteem.


  • Offering a range of freshly prepared home cooked meals and snacks, made from fresh ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, some of which the children will help to grow in our garden, and with eggs from our friendly hens!
  • Providing clear boundaries in terms of acceptable behaviour, developing children’s moral understanding and using encouragement and praise as rewards for good behaviour
  • Building each child’s self-esteem together with mutual care and respect for others
  • Valuing each child as an individual where each child’s own individual needs, personality and learning style are acknowledged, accepted and met
  • Encouraging a positive attitude with respect towards racial origins, religions, differences of gender and disabilities within the nursery environment by practising our equal opportunities policy.
  • Providing a staff team that are dedicated, well qualified and committed to providing the best possible education and care
  • Being a fair and understanding employer