Spring Time at Nursery

chick and eggs

Our Spring Term is a very eggciting time!!!!

On Monday 23rd March our 3 eagerly awaited Bantams are arriving! We will be having a competition throughout the week to choose names for them.

On Monday 13th April our incubation package arrives, complete with 6 eggs ready to hatch on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week. We will be keeping the chicks for two weeks so the children will have the opportunity to hold them and watch them grow and develop.

Throughout March, April and May we will be planting seeds both inside and outside in our little greenhouse, ready to plant out in the garden later in the year. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the children can enjoy the ‘fruits’ of their labours!

On the 16th March our caterpillar larvae arrive, so please come in and have a look at these and watch their progress through the different stages.

We have lots of other activities planned and hope to get out on a trip as soon as the weather becomes a little kinder!