Teal Ducklings

The toddlers in the Teal Ducklings Room embrace their world with enthusiasm!



The activities in these rooms are carefully planned to stimulate the children’s enquiring minds and allow them to develop their increasing independence in a carefully balanced, fun filled day. Small groups ensures that each child receives lots of individual attention so the warmth and security of the Rosy Chicks Room is continued and built upon.
Through lots of play, we encourage our toddlers to explore the world of colour, shape and texture and to help in their first steps, both literally, and towards language development.

Once your child is standing and walking confidently along the furniture, they will move to this room from the Rosy Chicks room, at a time that is right for them. There is lots of scope in the Teal Ducklings Room to encourage walking skills. Individual routines are also followed in this room.

Our key person system operates in this room as well, which ensures the staff adapt the room and activities to suit all the children’s individual developmental stages.

We focus mainly on the 3 Prime Areas of Learning in this room which are: Communication and Language Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development, however we develop these areas of learning through the Specific Areas of Development. Weekly plans are prepared by the staff and incorporate a weekly change of toys, equipment and activities in the room to keep our toddlers stimulated. Daily activities include story and rhyme time, music and dance as well as painting, jigsaws and lots of different malleable activities to encourage fine manipulative skills. Pop up tents, ball pools, and a wide variety of sensory activities are all designed to promote gross and fine motor skills. Although our room is carefully planned and toys chosen to meet both the Prime and the Specific Areas of learning, the children have free choice of what to play with at all times, although their learning is sensitively guided by the adults.

This is an age of great discovery and adventure through play both inside and outside. At this age children learn to walk, co-operate, and express both themselves and their needs. They begin to form friendships with those of their own age and this social interaction is a very important part of every child’s development.

Activities during their day may include:

    • Lots of different creative activities! The children enjoy drawing and painting, modelling with different materials including clay and dough. They continue to benefit from sensory play where they have lots of opportunity to develop their growing vocabulary.
    • Singing songs and enjoying rhymes. The children love to demonstrate their growing language skills and concentration spans by joining in with their favourites. They develop their rhythm by using the instruments to play along to their songs. Puzzles and games ensure that the children are having fun whilst developing early maths and manipulative skills (which are a pre-cursor to writing)
    • Time spent outside is vital to their development. The children explore our sensory garden, enjoy the mud kitchen and use the open spaces of the garden to develop their physical skills such as running, jumping and ball skills. Quiet time each day ensures the children relax and continue to develop a love for stories and books.

The children in the Teal Ducklings Room enjoy Yoga lessons within the nursery with Naomi.
They also enjoy working with the nursery music specialist who helps the staff to plan activities particularly suited to their age and interests.
As the child’s independence grows we will work alongside parents to introduce toilet training, and encourage the children to become increasingly more independent and confident at mealtimes.
As with all age groups, you as the parent will be given daily updates as to your child’s day and regularly be invited to discuss the development of your child with his/her key person.
As your child develops they will move into the next room where the transition is carefully planned to ensure your child settles quickly and smoothly into their new room.